Access Bath is a proud dealer of the Best Bath Escape and Escape Plus walk in bathtubs. Comfort, not age or disability is the issue. The Escape and Escape Plus offer an "escape" from the worries of unsafe bathing. You can depend on these bathing units that are manufactured in America by a company who has been manufacturing bathing products since 1969.

You can access the Escape and Escape Plus safely and easily through a walk-in door designed to eliminate stepping over a traditional bathtub barrier. The door seal has a lifetime guarantee for years of service without leaking. If the seal ever fails, it will be replaced at no cost to you.

Both the Escape and Escape Plus are designed to fit in the space of the standard tub/shower in your home. Surround kits are available in a two wall 50 inch space saving version or the typical three wall 60 inch size that fits into the same footprint as a standard bathtub. Custom colors and designs can be ordered to fit your decor.

The Escape models feature safety first bars for balancing and a non-skid floor for good footing. Comfortable seating at 17 inches high, a contoured molded in seat assists in sitting and standing. The easy open handle is designed to ensure a watertight seal. With whirlpool options for creating a personal spa, the hydro jets create a deep massaging action and air jets stimulate blood circulation with warm gentle air bubbles perfect for tender skin. Decorative valve and fill spout with hand held shower comes standard with your tub. Removable panels at both ends facilitate easy access to the plumbing, pump and jets.

The Escape Plus is designed with a unique "flip up" seat. This design, coupled with the recess in the molded seat allows extra room for the bather inside the well and provides more room to easily open and close the door. The 31 inch depth makes the Escape Plus one of the deepest tubs available and the 23 inch width is over 3 inches wider than most other brands.



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